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20 Sep 2013
September 20, 2013

Experts in Construction Hoist Hire

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    Ladder Hoists
    Ladder Hoist Hire, Haemmerlin Ladder Hoists are ideally suited for roofers & small builders for transporting goods quickly and safely to upper levels of a building.
  2. 2
    Scaffold Hoists
    Our range of IORI Scaffold Hoists are compact, lightweight and versatile machines are capable of lifting loads of up to 200Kg
  3. 3
    Beam Hoists
    Beam hoists operate on a running beam, designed to clip to scaffold or for use with A-frame, for use on a gantry.
  4. 4
    Goods Hoists
    Versatile small platform hoist can be installed directly backed on to scaffolding alternatively for larger jobs We are able to offer a wide range of large platform hoists from Maber for hire.

  5. 5
    Transport Platforms

    These versatile transport platform hire add an extra dimension of usefulness over a standard goods hoist by being capable of carrying both goods and personnel simultaneously.

If you require any type of hoist for construction or refurbishment projects then Plantire is here to help.  Let us know by contacting our expert team who can assist.

Call us on 01784 247463 or contact us online.  We are based just outside of West London, so feel free to call us to make an appointment to view our construction hoist equipment.